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     To better serve our mission, we kindly ask for a generous donation of whatever you can give. These proceeds will be put towards training young soldiers and transitioning veterans into citizen society. Portions of the proceed will go towards studio supplies, printing supplies, website maintenance, web development, promotion expenses, major features, touring and/or publicity.  Either if it's a bulk of items or services, we also accept services and items. We appreciate everything that we are blessed with. If you plan to send items like CardStock paper, blank CDs/ DVDs, laptops, appeal, merchandise, cases, etc; please contact us on Facebook for the shipping destination. Everyone that donates $50 or more receives a complimentary Rolex or Gucci watch.

     Rumors of the 2Pac movie has been spreading across the globe since the fall of the Imortal General. Due to the rap game being watered, the half-true biopic All Eyez On Me was released before 7 Dayz The Movie. Unlike like NOTORIOUS, the fans were not satisfied on how they presented Pac as well as certain characters portrayed in the movie. In the reviews of the piopic, most of the die-hard Pac supporters stated that it could of been put together way better. Therefore, Lifeless Immortal is standing behind in support of General Shakur's personal videographer, Mr. Gobi M. Rahimi (directors of most of 2Pac's music videos, including America's Most Wanted and many more). For the last 7 days of the lyrical prophet, 2Pac, Mr Rahimi followed Shakur around collecting footage for the movie that he always wanted to be released. This movie is a collector's item along with all of the movies that he was in as well as Conspiracy Theorist's favorite, Killuminati: The Movie.

Please help us help Gobi M. Rahimi with reaching enough money to release 7 Dayz The Movie. This movie contains live footage from 2Pac Shakur and was supposed to drop way before the watered down version of Pac's Life

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