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Bad Bihs (Single) - V Dot Nam

Club anthem for all the good-looking women throughout the world. Bad Bihs is the latest single from V Dot Nam. From the album "Racks & Ratchets", this popular hit is an infusion of a Gritty, Raw lyrical style and a bouncy Detroit influence cadence.

 Now Available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, eMusic, Deezer, QoBuz and everywhere else.

Request this song on your favorite station: iHeart Radio, FM, AM, Satellite or Internet Radio. TURN UP!!!!! Nop Playing on WBMX (104.1) Boston, KGNU (88.5), KDKO (89.5), KDAI (89.1), XHNVG (104.9) Mexico. Special Thanks To All Of The Clubs Bumpin This!

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