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New Distribution Center for Artists

Since the last time we posted, the 7 Star General V Dot Nam executed one of the hardest things in the industry, the development of the Lif...
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DevilShit (Horrorcore Mixtape)

     Devil Shit is the first commercial horrorcore mixtape from the new label, Lifeless Immortal Music Group (w/ Immortal Inc, Ritual Musi...
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Lyrical Warfare w/ G-Unit

Lyrical Warfare is the first Military deployment in Hip-Hop. This mission is Operation: Army Behind Me. Mixed by DJ Vietnam. Starring the ...
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The Army Behind Me Show

     DJ Vietnam drops the debut mixshow under the Lifeless Immortal brand. ABM consist of hardcore and popular artists like Lil Jack, Swif...
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Lifeless Immortal Release New Mobile App

The Conscious and horrorcore record label and entertainment company, Lifeless Immortal, has released their mobile app on multiple platfor...
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