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Immortal 2 Society 
Based on a true story of a Army Veteran that got out of the service just to fight wars lyrically. Later on, forming one of the most powerful Hip Hop Armies in history.  Due to lack of support, this film was prolonged for quite too long. Now we feel that its time for us to give our fellow Immortals and Empirians exactly what they want. Immortal II Society tells the story of how the 2nd generation came up in society while stilling following the orders of OG Makaveli, after the tragedic event of their great leader. In the movie, watch as these lyrical mercenaries work their way up above obstacles to execute the duties that were given to them. Prior to summoning the spirit of 2Pac, these young troops deployed by The Outlaw generals from the Thug Life Army to the Thowd Jungle (also known as the Concrete Battlefield); there they found out there was more gnostics of Immortality to obtain. As they achieve more victories, they run into a box; which contains rare, but precious jewels from the Immortal gods & kings.

Spoken to V Dot Nam in a dream while working for Uncle Sam, he was given the mission to replace his M16 with a microphone while serving active duty. In an Underground location in Texas, Nam met Big ShoDaz and these two started the new movement of all Pac listeners. Within the Immortal, ShoDaz serves as the Sergeant Major (of the 2Thowd battalion) and has booked shows for stars like Twista, Kid Rock, Eightball, MJG, Trick Daddy, Paris Hilton, Lil Wayne and the list goes on. After transferring from the Infinity unit to Logistics,  AG Almighty used the El Chapo technique to gain control in the state of Florida's underground black market, while Mafial Shakur provides the intelligence from the So Flo battalion. Extensively trained for spiritual war, CrazyMF-C finds his true calling in the Infinity unit while in the 4337 Raizahz battalion, located in North Carolina. In NC is where Crazy discovers the 7 Keys of Life then recruit souljas of him own. With the 4377 Raizah being the largest LI branch, souljas like King KIP and Whyte Tyson are on the front line while Young RockTricc, The Real YungN, Brixx and Vellz are currently inactive at the moment due to political issues. In the muddiest part of Mississippi, Django Jones provides the uniforms as well as special equipment to the soldiers, platoons and battalions from the SupaUnit. Operating from out of the Council in New Jersey, Cap-A assist with decisions before they come to the General's desk. While working in the Human Relations battalion in Atlanta,  Sam Bosstein helps out the soldiers with label and royalty affairs.

    While looking at the Immortal II Society movie, the soundtrack is jam packed with Immortalized classics and compliments the artistic theme as well as performances from the all-star cast.  This film is rated R and is not suitable for minors unless under parental supervision. The elements in this movie may cause activation of the pineal gland, lucid dreaming, OBE and frequency channeling. Inspired by the song "Against All Odds" from 2Pac and the novel "Against All Enemies" by Tom Clancy, Immortal II Society showcase the art of lyrical war through theatrical events taken place in the movie. This motion picture is for all movie lovers of action, sci-fi, adventure and crime films. 

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