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The Retne Effect Drops on New Years '18

Lifeless Immortal will be commercially releasing their debut album, Retne Effect: Gatewayz & Portalz. To break down the science of the Retne, grammarly corrected to the Retina; it is the layer of tissue in the back of your eye that senses light and sends images to your brain. Before seeing anything, anything visual must enter this part of your eye. Therfore, the Retne Effect being the state of visually perceiving the light. This valuable classic takes you through non-physical portals using imagery with Gnostic ciphers. Smash hits like Immortal Livin, Mental Prism, Lift Em Up 2 Da Ceiling and In Yo Bushes displays the surreal harmonies battling current opposing frequencies in today's society. Particular keys from previous released LI projects can be used to enter certain gateways within the chambers. To fully understand the Immortal language and phrases, Book 45: God Bless Tha Dead is required before activating the Effect. Get ready as lyrical souljas from more than 5 states connect all together to do what no Super-Group has ever done before in the history of music. From the Great Lakes to So Flo, our lyrical mercenaries has been putting in work to make this all possible. This album helps guides you through terrestrial realms and dimensions.

     Even though this album is filled with a lot of light and dark, there is much power obtaining this lyrical manuscript. Also included is the official music video of The Golden Journey from the 4377 Raizahz and a sneak peek of the Immortal II Society movie. Inside the physical copies includes access to the SocialBASE, mobile app, hieroglyphics and special perks.  The distribution of this album is worldwide and will be available in physical format as well as on all major music stores online. "The Retne Effect is most definitely a spiritual tool and if used properly, it allows you to tap into your higher state of being". - Rev. Lauren Asberry, Detroit, MI.

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