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LTFD - 4377Raizahz

The Carolinas branch of Lifeless Immortal, 4377 Raizahz, released a new mixtape entitled "Lay The F*** Down" aka #LTFD. This project includes 13 songs. From CrazyMF-C to Lil Jack (of the Manson Family), LTFD features all of the souljas in the NC branch of the Immortal as well as 7Star General V Dot Nam. With Immortal hits like Martial Law and Head Shotz, this mixtape gets yall ready for the L.T.F.D. LP and CrazyMF-C & Whyte Tyson's upcoming duo album. Listen to bangers from King KIPWhyte Tyson, Young Rock, Vellz, Brixx, Tha RealYungN, Fool and BOS Dub. On Betta Ask Sumbody, Crazy explains what happened to King KIP when he fell 7 stories from a balcony. The song remix of Pop These Plastics, Lil Jack and CrazyMF-C goes in wickedly bar for bar leaving no witnesses visible. On the song Martial Law, these Immortals talks about all of the havoc that's occurring in the world today. Led by the Lieutenant General, CrazyMF-C, this Raizah project is a must-have for all horrorcore and trap music lovers worldwide. Some may call this HorrorTrap, Nall... This is ImmortalMusic!

Beside the mixtape, the album version of LTFD will be released during the beginning of Spring. Due to the wicked content on this project, we had to make separate versions for the true supporters. Lay The Fck Down LP includes the horrorcore smash hit Catch A Body as well as 3 bonus tracks. If you really listen to LTFD The Album, you will hear the hidden song, which opens up an extra portal. Executive produced by V Dot Nam, this upcoming album also features U Ion Know Bout and The Golden Journey, which is available on YouTube. This project is the 5th release added to CrazyMF-C's musical arsenal. The release date is set to April 20, 2018. Be on the look out for more music from @4377Raizahz. LI Salute...

CLICK HERE to watch the full version of Martial Law. Make sure you be on the look out for Lil' Jack's upcoming album, The Lord's Work. Courtesy of Manson Family/ Ritual Music.

Also available on | Coast2Coast Mixtapes | DatPiff

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