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U Ain't A Boss - Lifeless Immortal

     7Star General of Lifeless Immortal, V Dot Nam, has finally taken time to break down the new song "U Ain't A Boss". This Warsong was first initiated after a Savage Life booking agent with a disability tried to use trickery to make him join an entertainment group, which are using the Hostile TakeOva approach in the industry, and pump fear into Nam's heart. But like any other Army veteran, threats aren't taken lightly as well as that just adds more fuel to the fire. Not knowing Nam's affiliation with Savage Life, the promoter took things overboard when he was talking outside of the Unit! During Obama's first election, it was all about Peace 2 My Brotha (from the song, Alpha Omega). After marching in the last Million Man March (Justice Or Else) and displaying 2 of his software at Silicon Valley Harlem in the same month, Nam has more sense to believe such scare tactic while souljas are ready to get the command. As we see more lives being taken away from us, more lyrical souljas must be deployed to fight the wars inside of the industry.

    On this track, Nam also connected All G's (Gangstas, GodBodies, Generals, Geniuses, Grinders, Go-Getters, GoalAchievers & Gentlemen)  together to help fight the War In Amerikkka; which has taken so many of our mothers, children and great men. The War In Amerikkka starts off with the fight against racism, collect all 5 volumes of this #AudioSeries today. "Africans born in America are not just the victims of brutal treatment from the police; our Africans from the motherland, NativeLatinoHindu, good Arabic and Hispanic families are too as well", Nam said.  There have been over 1000 deaths from CrookedBadges every year since 2014. At an alarming rate, it is increasing with the new administration that has taken an oath to "Keep America Safe and Secure for the Righteous Citizens" under God.

   America was great when President John F. Kennedy opened up the doors for all races, cultures, and religions to be able to work together building what kept America running on 4 wheels. The Big 3 (General Motors, Ford & Chrysler) made so much revenue in this country by hiring minorities. For the ones that didn't know, this was during the 60's (The Vietnam War era). This was when America was great!
     Nam continued, "Hard working people that were willing to feed their families is what made the working class, not corporate thieves that would take the pictures off the walls if they were not nailed to the walls. A lot of people from outside of the States came to this country to seek the American dream to refuge from the 3rd world atmosphere, which they resided in.  In school, we were taught that America is a melting pot. From the events in the mainstream news, you would think that it is the opposite". Since most of the entertainers and average customer drive in foreign made vehicles, that is taking away from our countries' pockets and jobs. Today is seem like Unions are not what is it used to be anymore. With all of the tax cuts and price inflation, the expenses for living is at one of it's highs.
     Instead of automobiles being a top seller in America, it is now media and technology. Americans spend more than 75% of their finances on entertainment and recreation.  During the late 80's was the Crack Epidemic, 20 years later comes the epidemic of indoctrinated media in the urban communities, heroin, and opiates.  The more people that are unemployed, the higher the drug rates in the streets will be. It's common sense, but it just doesn't affect the hood... It also affects the suburban and rural area as well.
     While music corporations just pull in artists are easy to pursue, the value of sound has decreased. Growing up in the 90's, there were standards when it came to being played on the radio. Now anything goes. Over the years, songs talking about shooting reverends (i.e. Ain't About The Money) gained popularity and at the same time, the white boy in Charleston, South Carolina shot up an African American Baptist church; which was the landmark of where Juneteenth started.
   Numerous amounts of brutality have been streamed all over the web, which the public broadcasting suppliers try to keep most of it hidden. It was a shame when we heard about Rodney King, but this has become cancer in society for we either heard about and experienced this every day. If America is "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave", then why is your OFFICE-ERS killing innocent citizens and children while enslaving the provider of the hosehold?. The same way it took to program a person is the same way just using different methods to reverse the system.
    A lot of fans of great music was deceived when the William Leonard Roberts also known as the rapper Rick Ross came in the game like he was the Real American Gangster and selling over a hundred of kilograms were nothing.  In the beginning, the Smoking Gun exposed the rapper on being a former correctional officer then after Real Freeway Ricky Ross release from the federal penitentiary and half-way house, he took Roberts to court for using his real name and persona to make a profit in the entertainment industry.
       Besides that, False Ross made a song for FEDs mocking Big Meech and Larry Hoover entitled BMF, with came out around the same time that the Black Mafia Family members were being raided. For the ones that don't know, BMF was the drug funded music empire that backed rappers like Young Jeezy, Fabolous, Bleu Davinci and more.
     To cover his behind, he did a song called Freemason to cover up his affiliation with the Bloods causing the Gangsta Disciple Generals to ask the Lodges about if he was a certified brother under their amnesty.
     After they denied his membership, everything came to light. Detroit kicked him out as well as North Carolina and South Carolina, maybe even other places that were not publicized in the media. Growing up in the city, faking it til you make it an finessing was common when you don't have anything, but don't you think that should cease once that person is already MADE? Too much of that will cause other's respect and interest towards you to decrease. Some people can be like trends, hot today... Old tomorrow! Being immortalized, your music and legacy last forever.
   With this new music called "Trap", it has caused a lot of terrible side effect. It keeps one's mind in one place "At the bottom", making one move by impulse instead of thinking".  Even though the beats might sound nice, there is a virus inside of the music that being put out today. These new frequencies cause de-masculinity, low self-esteem, involuntary body movements, long-term memory loss and many more symptoms which is currently being proven by professors and scholars of Hip-Hop.
Not just the elections being hacked, there was also a disruption in the government which caused everyone including the good politicians' focus to shift to something else. While everyone was focused on Hilary's emails and Obama's citizenship, there was a big cover-up that was taken place so that there was no evidence found if there was to be an investigation of the alleged ringleader, Trump and his administration. Every President of the United States of America went to either Yale or Harvard as well as show their taxes before entering the Oval Office. Isn't it quite interesting how this one avoids from showing them and constantly says he's the Boss and whoever that disagrees with him is fired?
   Only a great business that is smart with his investments will have no issue of presenting the documents requested by Higharchy and keep a dynamic powerhouse board to bring in more revenue for the main company (The Country)'s  account. It was once said, "the man that always stayed at the top doesn't comprehend  Those People that are under him, but the man from the bottom that rose to the top comprehend all classes and not just one".
    With this wall that suppose to be built with the Mexican government's money, which was ordered by Mr Tump, has flared up the Mexi-Americans causing the MS-13's to grow even more. Families are being spit apart under the travel ban and deportation. Not all hispanic and latinos are bad. There are 50% good people and 50% bad people in this world, most of time the bad people are the ones that get a tap on thier wrist and let off clean without prejustice.
    While being young, we were all told the folklore of Robin Hood; which this young lad took from the rich and gave to the poor. Most believe that this was going to manifest before thy eyes... but in this economy, the story of Robin Hood is just a fairy tale. Here is the truth of reality:

With every agenda, there are pros and cons on both sides (Rich & Poor).

Pros for the Rich
More money for politicians and corporations
Fewer expenses for Medical/ Healthcare bills
Higher Tax Cuts
Cheaper worker expenses for corporations (Outsourcing)

Cons for the Rich
Less revenue from gross sales
More drug overdoses in families
More crooks being exposed in the media
More corporations going out of business
Unbalanced rates in the stock market
Fewer rates in the private school system
Less annual revenue from physical stores
Blacks & Whites find a common ground to fight the power

Pros for the Poor
Strength during opposition
Higher rates in the homeschool system
Increase of lyrical educators
Motivation to succeed more
Increase of self and community-based jobs
Increase of self-knowledge
Increase of spiritual wisdom

Cons for the Poor
Less job employment
More drug overdoses in families
Higher death rates from police brutality and medical malpractice
More taxes for the citizens
Less Medical/ Healthcare benefits
Probable Cause Stop
Search W/O Warrant

 God, and there is no man higher. Every Empire has its' time to reign, look at Julius Caesar during Jesus' time. Business, Politics, and Religion always ran hand to hand with one another. History repeats itself, especially with the Law of Similarity supporting this fact. Lifeless Immortal is the only Army that teaches the Universal Laws as well as immortalized knowledge. To seek the Li, visit
   No one is better than one another. Once one thinks the opposite is when war starts and the tables are turned in the aftermath. The Boss of all Bosses is
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