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DTACH Works On New Album

    Master of Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong and Buddhist/ Taosit meditation, DTACH is laying down some jewels that are essential to LIFE on his upcoming album "Blessed With A Curse". Born in Australia of Lebanese/Jamaican descent, raised in Vancouver, Canada; the artist known as DTACH is currently holding it down in Thailand. As a Wu-Affiliate, he has done music with the Sunz Of Man, Zu-Ninjaz, Donnie Menace, Killa Priest, Elevatah, Young Dirty Bastard (YDB), TownCryer, Zyllinder, Timbo King, Planetary from Army of The Pharaohs, Alzymerz and many more...
     For over a decade, this warrior has been a spiritual mentor to many people around the world. After experiencing his very close friend being murdered in 2002, he change his life from being heavily involved in the crime, stuck in a destructive cycle of drug dealing and substance abuse to a positive role model for the children. For over 15 years, DTACH has written, recorded and performed his experiences in life just so he could be a minister to those who needs it. Listen as DTACH rips on the mic on this show below:

DTACH stands for:

     Inviewed by Swagg Magazine, DTACH let it be known that he is Immortalized from head to toe. This exclusive interview talks about his struggles in life as well as how is changing the world around him with his lyricals and good deeds towards humanity. Quoted by the 7SG, DJ Vietnam "DTACH is a scholar of the Immortal culture, for he knows both the Dark and the Light".

     Different from his last project, DTACH vs ONE, this upcoming project will be including his testimonies that made him the very important person he is today.  His current project includes the highly anticipated Sunz Of Man reunion track, 'The World Is Aflame' as well as another deep track with Killah Priest 'Born In The Shadows'.

     Currently signed with Wu-Tang Management's Protect Ya Neck Records, Elevating Music Group as well as Sideshow KUTS International Clubbing Brand and Label, this spiritual lyricist is also the Thailand General for the Wu Worldwide DJ Coalition.

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