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Immortal II Society Sdtk Mixtape Drops Soon

    Immortal II Society is the first soundtrack from Lifeless Immortal. Everything on this compilation is Immortal from The Outlawz to Immortal Lowlife & Immortal Soldierz. The movie starts in September 1996, Shortly after the loss of Top General, Tupac Shakur, it left a whole generation with no positive leader to command them the right way. It took 10 years for those young warriors that followed the thug culture to learn everything they needed to know until the time was right. 20 years later (Sept. 2016), Everything was set in stone with the new music army, Lifeless Immortal Army, also known as LI. We pave homage to all of our fallen souljas and Generals that lost their lives in battle. LI fight wars for the innocent brothers, women, and children that have experienced brutality, homicide of a family member/ close relative and injustice from authority that enforces the law of the land. In no shape or form is LI trying to be like our Outlaw Generals. Over time, blueprints were created to make a change in society and still keep the traditions of the Thug Life culture and G-Code, in reference to the Concrete Battlefield chapter in the Lifeless Immortal Manual.  The spirit of 7SG Makaveli provides us the gnostic intelligence to execute missions and duties. 7SG V Dot Nam commands all LI's worldwide from the Great Lakes. Lifeless Immortal, are the YG's of The Outlawz/ Thug Life Army. To better understand this project: Being the generation that was raised by 2Pac's music, in the song Slidin Thru Yo Town, V Dot Nam tells it like it is from his perceptive:

"Nobody Was There When A G Was Growin Up/
Pac Raised My Generation, Pour That Liquor Up/
Detroit 2 Akron, Yea The Cartel Blowin Up/
Phone Ringin, Real Bosses Never Miss A Buck/"

     Lifeless Immortal brokes up in two (2): Lifeless & Immortal. Lifeless being the Dark, Immortal being the light... Known for his sadistic metaphors, Mr. Sche (6Star General of Immortal Lowlife) led the dark forces to help fight the battle of faith from Memphis. Drafted from the same city for war, Lil Jack (3Star General of the Mansion Family) was brought in, for his vicious mentality and mindset. After transferring from the Infinity unit to Logistics,  AG Almighty is now doing the El Chapo on em from Florida, while Mafial Shakur is operating out of the Intelligence battalion in Tallahassee. Extensively trained for spiritual war, CrazyMF-C is in the Infinity unit while leading the 4337 Raizahz battalion in North Carolina. Renizance, 5Star General of Immortal Soldierz, connects the BlackNBrown nation while providing lyrical artillery and war tactics from Texas.

    With the Immortal spirituality and the THUGLIFE code combined, this new waves of lyrical souljas are mentally and physically prepared for war. While looking at the Immortal II Society movie, this soundtrack compliments the artistic theme and theatric performance from the all-star cast. Besides the OGs being on this soundtrack, there are also appearances by Assata Shukar and Mopheme and Big Syke from Thug Life. Below is the first song released from the Immortal II Society project, entitled I'm Alive featuring Makaveli & V Dot Nam.

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