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CrazyMF-C Gets Promoted To Lieutenant General of L.I.

   Known for being the leader of the North Carolina's LI battalion, 4377 Raizahz, CrazyMF-C was promoted from Lieutenant to Lieutenant General. With the time served in the Lifeless Immortal Army, Craz will be awarded the Medal of Immortality. Introduced as the Wyte 2Pac, his first mixtape was entitled Murdah Mindstate. After the release of this project, he was supposed to go over to Psychopathic but due to being incarcerated he was not able to. While being locked down, he read and gained more knowledge; which lead him to be assigned his own battalion of the Immortal, 4377 Raizahz.
     Since 2013, he recorded over 300 songs, recruited 8 soldiers (King KIP, Young Rock, Whyte Tyson, Brixx, Veilz, The Real YungN, Fool, Tricc) to the North Carolina branch as well as introduced the Immortal culture to the GD officials. Previously heard on Hotta Den Da Radio 3, My Favorite Mixtape 25, Da City Of Da Murders and For The Love Of Da Hustle; this lyrical soldier is steadily marching for the cause.
Getting his fans ready for Crazy-N-Insane, Him and 7SG V Dot Nam teamed up to do the Crazy6Nam mixtape with the legendary Memphis group, Da Mafia 6ix.
     In 2015, he brought a powerful soldier, KIP aka King Killa K, into the Immortal. Shortly after being immortalized, KIP fell 7 stories from a balcony; which he survived but he had to have multiple surgeries and learn how to walk again. Besides having KIP as his Sergeant, Crazy is currently working on his debut group mixtape 4377 Raizahz as well as 2 duo albums: Martial Law with Whyte Tyson Crazy & Kreative with King Killa K.


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