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Lyrical Warfare w/ G-Unit

Lyrical Warfare is the first Military deployment in Hip-Hop. This mission is Operation: Army Behind Me. Mixed by DJ Vietnam. Starring the frontline Souljas from Lifeless Immortal w/ G-Unit. Commanded by 7Star General V Dot Nam, This audio deployment features 50 Cent, Seven Da Pantha, Young Buck, Mr Sche, CrazyMF-C, Lloyd Banks, 4377 Raizahz, Tony Yayo, BuckWild, Illy Phresh, Kidd Kidd, G-Unit Capo, Chuzo300, Sen City, Welcome 2 Thowd Town and more. Guest appearances by Pastor Troy & Audio Push. Listen to souljas that really know how it is being in the concrete jungle from New York, Detroit, Memphis, North Carolina, Florida, New Orleans, Atlanta to Seattle, California & Jamaica.

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