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Lifeless Immortal provides high quality service in management, distribution, music production, book publishing, graphics, web development, tour assistance, pre-production, mixing/ mastering, visual/ audio commercials, voice-overs, video production and more. We treat every Immortal artist like a soldier, in which they are!

     $50 - 500 Download Cards w/ QR-Code and/or Website
     $110 - 100 CDs w/ Inserts & Slim Cases w/ Text on Disc
     $130 - 100 CDs w/ Inserts, Slim Cases & Print on Disc
     $180 - 100 CDs w/ Inserts, Slim Cases, Print on Disc & 500 Download Cards
     $120 - 50 Silver DVD/Game w/ Inserts w/ Text on Disc & Cases
     $150 - 50 DVDs/Game w/ Inserts, Cases & Print on Disc
     $200 - 50 DVDs/Game w/ Inserts, Cases, Print on Disc & 500 Download Cards
     $300 - 100 CDs w/ Inserts, Slim Cases, Print on Disc & 12 T-Shirts
     $350 - 100 CDs w/ Inserts, Slim Cases, Print on Disc, 12 T-Shirts & 500 Download Cards
     $370 - 100 CDs w/ Inserts, Slim Cases, Print on Disc, 12 T-Shirts, 500 Download Cards &
                Custom WristBand Book of 240)
    $430 - 100 CDs w/ Inserts, Slim Cases, Print on Disc, 12 T-Shirts, 500 Download Cards & 1000
                Flyers & Custom WristBand Book of 240)

We also provide barcodes and other important media logos.

     Under LI Management, we set up artists and authors with campaigns as well as graphic work and social promotions. Going in-depth, our HEADLINER CAMPAIGN consists of providing the artist with: Album Set-Up (w/ Full Jewel Design, 4 Panel Booklet, Side Label, UPC, Trayliner, Disc Image and Piracy Warning/ Parental Advisory logos); 3 Singles; Digital Distribution, BMI/ASCAP Set-Up; Bio Set-Up; EPK/ MPK Set-Up; Official Artist Website; PR Material (One-Sheets, Press Releases, etc.); Social Media Designs (FB/ Twitter/ Google/ YouTube Covers and Backgrounds); Social Media Ad Designs; Label Apparel/ Artist Merch; Album Flyer; Mixtape Placements; Magazine Write-Ups; Radio Interviews and Unlimited Mixtape Releases.
     Mainly, we set up campaign packages based on the artist's needs and the economical direction of the Music Industry. We can assist artist with shows, just let us know and we can have one of our Booking agents get all set up. Through our 906 Battalion, we provide artist development for the ones that could need a little kick-start in their career. First we see where an artist is at lyrically then we move on to the other aspects like Rhyme Structure, Flow Meter, Web Presence, Productional Interest, Social Engagement and more. Next, we get the artist ready for LI Boot Camp. After Boot Camp comes our Advanced Music Industry Training (AMIT). Mainly AMIT provides the prolific artist with essential knowledge before entering the Major Recording Industry, which takes about 3 months to complete... But it's worth it based on you receive the LI Manual and the Semi-Major Industry Directory as well as lifetime connections.

     Our main focus is to provide great future influential artists with the fame that they deserve. Just to provide independent artists with major tools, we've partnered with IndieBoom; Making it so we now are able to distribute artists under Empire, Sony/ Orchard, and InGrooves/ Universal through our Semi-Major program.Like most top independent and major labels, we offer distribution of albums to the top music stores like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, PromoOnly, Shazam, 7Digital, XBox, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Sirius XM, Tidal and more.

     Below are the most of the platforms that we can distribute artist's music on:
Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Beatport, Youtube Red, Amazon, Shazam, 7Digital, 8Tracks, ArtistLAB, Deezer, Digital Tunes, Digitally Imported, DJ Tunes, DJShop.DE, Empire, eMusic, AudioMack, Gracenote, Groove, IndieBoom, iHeartRadio, IMSTREAM, JunoDownload, KK Box, Medianet, Napster (Rhapsody), Pandora, Prime Music, PromoOnly, Psonar, Pulselocker, Qobuz, R2G (China), Saavn, Simfy Africa, Sirius XM, Sirius XM (Direct), Slacker, Tidal, TrackItDown, Yandex, ZVOOQ, and much more.

     Through our media partners, we are able to distribute artist's music with Empire, RapBay, Sony/ Orchard or InGrooves/ Universal.

We are one of the last ones left that provide artists with a physical proof of their project, either if it's a single or an album. Also, we provide UPCs, Parental Advisory/ Piracy Warning logos on Artwork (if not applicable).

     Exclusive instrumental and visual work from the Lifeless Immortal production team. Led by VietnamOnDaBeat, The LI producers provides the artillery to the lyrical souljas that are in need of equipment. Most known for creating the big brother of Trap "Grind Rap", we are evolving Trap into something new and much greater. We develop background music for commercials, films, radio stations, tv episodes, video games, software and much more. Also see DJ Vietnam. For more information on joining our production team, please contact us at

     Lifeless Immortal Books provides authors with great tools to make their job much easier. We distribute to all of the major bookstores online as well as in physical bookstores like Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, Borders, Apple Store, Hastings, Google and more. The genre of literary works that we accept is Spiritual, Social Science, History, Inspirational, Military and Self-Help. We welcome all future influential authors to the army that equips the minds of our future with the greatest power in existence. Besides the basic word book, we have elevated the game with creating Lyrical Books. For more information on publishing your book through Lifeless Immortal, please contact us at May all of your dreams come true in the presence of IAM!

Partnered with great promoters, we now have the capability to assist artists with increasing their live performances. From the IndieBoom Explosion Tour to Got Talent Showcases, artists can really get their out to the masses from the West Coast to the East. Some of our shows may have special guests like artists affiliated with the Wu, Savage Life, D12, just to name a few...

    Social Media (1, 2 or 4 Weeks)
    Event (Live Performances, Concert, Tours, etc.)
    Album Release
    Music Videos
    Song Pool Placement
    Radio Campaigns
    Soundscan Registration
    Film/TV/Commercial Placements
    Mixtape Release
    Single Release
    Magazine Write-Ups
    Blog Write-Ups
    Mixtape Placement
    Media Interviews
    Email Blasts
    Book Release
    Movie Release

    We set up promo sheets for artists every week to update them on which station and/or club picked up thier music. Our artists gets heard by DJs from all over the world. Our remixes get more attention, ic which you know people go by names most of the time. We use strategic marketing while promoting talent. The accept all genres like Pop, Rock, House, Electronica, etc.

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