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2nd Generation of Thug Life Commercial Released

20 years after 2Pac's physical death, soldiers from all around the world that he had spoken to joined forced to continue his legacy where he left off at. But instead of going into politics, they grabbed the torch and started busting at the ones that misled the youth through deceptive media. While 85% of the world is deaf, dumb and blind; these lyrical soldiers summoned the spirit of General Shakur to obtain knowledge and military commands to help defeat the entities that affect us the most. Lifeless Immortal fights wars for the freedom, political values, and morals of innocent young men, women, children, and elders. As the 2nd generation under Thug Life, LI uses music along with military combatives and supreme knowledge to counter-attack insurgents & their treacherous actions around the globe. Commanded by 7Star General V Dot Nam, the Lifeless Immortal Army uses both the THUG LIFE code with the Army Core Values to train young recruits that believe in true liberty and justice for all and not just one particular ethnicity. The L.I. Army welcomes all walks of life and believes that religion is man-made, which is illustrated in the Lifeless Immortal Manual. While most may think that the IMMORTAL relates to the Devil, it is a culture that derives from Ancient Egypt and China as well as the spirituality of the Gods. Army Battalions: W2TT (Great Lakes) 4377 Raizahz (NC) LI South CTC (TX-LA) MudSippaz (MS) LI East LI West

To become immortalized, join the world's most influential army today... Thanks for all of the support!

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