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Blessed By A Curse - V Dot Nam

     Eight years since his last solo album, more heat in the industry is uprising from the artist known as V Dot Nam. With his metaphoric harmony, listen as he takes you through the aftermath of dwelling in the House Of Drama. Since V is no longer under the GrindHouse label, he has been DJing while building Hall of Fames, Empires, Software and much more to help facilitate his extraordinary catalog of Ancient Memories and Timeless Masterpieces. Blessed By A Curse, an album that defines how it is to be blessed with a mastermind but cursed with certain circumstances in life. This Detroit native starts this album off in Little Vietnam then slides to another city and state. Next, he meets the Apple of his Eye then it goes into Wifey Time. After the relationship, V chunks up the dueces and go 18 Dummy in the industry and rocking out clubs and radio stations. After all of the High Life Fly Life, he loses his mother and has to deal with the world with knowing the truth, he is addicted to the State Wreckin lifestyle. Ending the movie off with his audio testimony. While you're listening to the digital version, you will hear his hometown along with the places where he Wrecked Shop at on and off track: Ohio, Texas, Washington DC, Maryland, New York and Miami. This will be the 10th solo album from V Dot Nam.

    This album talks about the expansion of Cut Throat Cartel, how blacks use to get treated in history, how to treat your Queen, trusting a 304, pagans lurking at night, going to college, his 1st Rolex, Love & Hip Hop, Coast2Coast, Legendary R&B classics, Global Warming, Liquor, The Empire, building dynasties and more. Topped off with a Cali influence, Vibe as Nam get you in a zone with bangers like Slidin Thru Yo Town, Bih Be Gone and Mac Dre Thizzin.

   On Bih Be Gone, Nam breaks down the crazy relationship he was in. During this time, his ex. girlfriend tried to get him messed up with the law because she was cheating and couldn't even lie about it. Couple Thousandz is a club song for the strip clubs.  Being a walking testimony, he discusses topics like addiction, family issues, mass shooting, justice, finances, lust and more on the song Addiction. Produced by Beats By The Pound, listen to Apple Of My Eye before Maybach snuffed it for False Ross' album. Even though the LayFlat leader ran off with the concept, there is more in the arsenal than where that came from.

This album is no way close to any album that Nam has previously released. Also, the Deluxe Edition stands out from the rest, for it only has one (1) featured artist on it; which is CrazyMF-C. Blessed By A Curse was created for the ones that were blessed with life and cursed by the external/ internal entities that may approach at certain times during physical existence/ presence. Sections of this album are presented in the upcoming book, Lifeless Immortal Manual.

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