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LI Works On New Video Game

   Lifeless Immortal has announced the development of their new video game, entitled LTFD. Inspired by the Lay The Fck Down project from the 4377 Raizahz, this is a horror game which can be played on WindowsXP all the way to Windows 8.  Start off as a Raizah locked down for Death Row and find your way to escape after a freak accident in the experimenting lab and containment system. This game is one of the many prototypes from Vietnam and his main organization, VI4V International.
     Play as CrazyMF-C, going through Jail using your incarcerated powers to bleach the whole scene. This game also includes new music videos from Lifeless Immortal, 4377 Raizahz, Mafial Shakur, Mr Sche, Lil Jack and much more. Also included is a digital copy of the LTFD album before the commercial release. Throughout the Immortal Chambers, you will encounter non-human like creatures as well as obtain THOWDformers to keep your Thowd Level stabled.
   While under BETA, this game will soon be available on XBox & Playstation game consoles, after society clearance. Applications for BETA testers are available upon request. NOTE: A waiver is required to be signed before trying out the game. Also, we recommend using an XBox controller if you are using any Windows computer. Each tester must play this game for 7 days straight while taking notes on their experience while playing.

For BETA test request, please email

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